Ever stumbled upon an old note and felt like it transported you back in time? That happened to me recently when I found a note from 2021 in my journal. It was during the COVID lockdowns, and those were some tough times.

Using Work as an Escape

Back then, I was using work as an escape, a way to avoid taking care of my health and neglecting the relationships that truly matter, like with my wife and three boys.

Sound familiar?

I was juggling a full-time corporate job while also building my marketing business. It felt like I was constantly running on fumes. I gained weight, my wife and I stopped going on dates, and I’d get frustrated anytime my kids wanted my attention. I was growing my business, but my life felt drained.

Recognizing the Problem

I wrote about feeling resistance whenever I buried myself in work. The term “workaholic” gets thrown around like a badge of honor, but let me tell you, it’s not pretty. I saw firsthand how damaging it can be.

Journaling on this reminded me that I don’t always need to stay busy. Sometimes, we need to take a step back, breathe, and prioritize what truly matters.

Finding Balance Through Fitness and Family Time

Play Time

For me, that meant adding running, yoga and meditation to my fitness routine. Doing this made me more aware of my health and the food I was putting into my body, and I started eating better, with little difficulties.

Run lift yoga meditate journal
Eat Greens

It also meant spending intentional time with my kids playing board games and enjoying time together and going on dates with my wife, Crystal, every week.

Game Time

The Transformation and How I Feel Now

Fast forward to today, and I’ve made some big changes. I’ve learned to set boundaries, prioritize my well-being, and nurture the relationships that mean the most to me. I feel more balanced, healthier, and deeply connected with my family. It’s an ongoing journey, but it’s worth every effort.

Quality Time

Struggling with the Constant Hustle?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant hustle? Are you struggling to balance your business, a full-time job, and family life?

It’s tough, right?

The Game-Changer: Marketing Automation

One of the game-changers for me was discovering marketing automation. If you haven’t heard of it, marketing automation refers to software and tools that automate repetitive marketing tasks. This includes things like sending out email campaigns, posting on social media, and managing customer follow-ups.

Tools That Made a Difference

For example, instead of manually sending out newsletters, you can use tools like ConvertKit to schedule and automate these emails.

Salesforce can help manage customer relationships and automate sales processes.

For social media management, platforms like Notion allow you to plan and automate your posts across various platforms, ensuring consistent engagement without constant effort.

And with Zapier, you can connect different apps and automate workflows, saving even more time.

Reaping the Benefits

Implementing these tools not only helped me grow my business but also saved me precious time and energy. I was able to focus on what truly matters – my health and my family.

Marketing automation allowed me to streamline these repetitive tasks and free up hours each week. I could finally breathe, knowing that my marketing efforts were working efficiently in the background. This shift not only boosted my business growth but also gave me the time to reconnect with my loved ones and take care of myself.

Reflecting on the Importance of Balance

Can you relate? Know that you’re not alone in this journey. It’s okay to pause, take a deep breath, and prioritize what really counts. Your health and your relationships are priceless.

Balanced healthy deeply connected

Challenging the Status Quo

What if being constantly busy is just another form of laziness?

Think about it – are we avoiding the hard work of truly living by burying ourselves in tasks?

What if I told you that being a “workaholic” is actually a failure, not an achievement?

It’s time to rethink what we celebrate in our entrepreneurial journeys.

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